Shooting Games

There are many different types of shooting games available for players with quick reactions and reflexes. In the mood for some side-scrolling mayhem as you fight opponents, dodge obstacles and unleash power ups? Or would you prefer taking charge of a star fighter as you shoot down waves of oncoming spacecrafts while upgrading your weapons? Battle and defeat ninjas, ghosts, aliens and more in our fast-paced and addictive action flash games.

Run and gun shoot-'em ups are one of the most popular type of shooting games. Dash through the levels while defending against the onslaught of enemies headed for you. Armed with bullets, missiles and grenades, you'll be put to the test by tricky jumping, hordes of enemies and final bosses. If you prefer top-down shooters, there are many action packed flash games where you must dodge bullets and missiles while shooting upwards. With upgrades and power-ups, there's plenty of variation as your foes get tougher and the levels get trickier.