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Flash games have become one of the most popular types of games played online. Fun, easy to play and accessible to casual and seasoned gamers alike, a wide variety of flash games are available online. From addictive arcade games that can be played in a minute to immersive and competitive RPG and strategy games, flash games have become more sophisticated while still requiring minimal software and hardware resources from the user. Since the integration of flash and javascript in Internet browsers, developers have been using new tools to make more sophisticated gaming experiences.

User Requirements

As flash games are all played in the browser, the only software that needs to be downloaded are flash and java plug-ins. This means that very basic computers with an Internet connection can play flash games. Even with slower Internet speeds many games can be loaded free of interruption. Unlike online streaming which can have buffering problems with slower speeds, online flash games load fully before they can be played. Although there may be a longer wait while the game loads, when it has completed loading there will be no further delays to the player.

Developing A Flash Game

The coding requirements for creating a game are also very minimal. Flash and javascript programming can be learned from online tutorials and many developers are self taught. Although some games may not look as polished as those made by studios or teams of more experienced developers, they can still offer an addictive and creative gaming experience.

Accessible To All

Flash games are usually easy to play and accessible. They can be a good introduction to gaming for children or people who don't play video games. Many games are similar to those found of mobile phones or tablets and so those familiar with them will probably pick up a flash game quite quickly.

Competitive Edge

Flash games can also offer a competitive gaming experience via online scoreboards and leaderboards. As many games are based on quick reflexes and timing, these high scores can rely on minute game play decisions. Even though flash games are usually thought of as games that are designed to be played in short sessions, the competitive nature of leaderboards can give them a long lasting and addictive appeal.

Playing Against Others

Mulitplayer flash games are also very popular. Some games offer local multiplayer whereby two players on the same PC will either play a turn at a time or will play at the same time using different keys on the keyboard. More advanced flash games have a true multiplayer experience and players from across the world can play against each other via the Internet. Massive community games also exist where players have accounts, characters and interactions with others on a long-term basis. These games can have huge and loyal followings.

Retro Nostalgia

Another major appeal of flash games is that many popular retro games have been ported. Older generation console games are recreated by developers in flash and can be played without the need of downloadable emulator software. The simple graphics and control schemes of these older games mean that they can be easily ported to flash and what once took a console to play can now be run in an Internet browser. Also, some developers have added features into these games that weren't available originally, such as giving players the option to save their progress in the game at any time and return later to pick up where they left off.

Even with next generation and mobile gaming, flash games have proven themselves to be as popular as ever. They are still a source of creativity and they can be an addictive gaming experiences for casual and seasoned players.